Koromatua Tory Whanau
Mayor Tory Whanau

Tory Whanau won the Wellington City Council mayoralty in October 2022.

About Mayor Tory Whanau

Tory Whanau
Mayor Tory Whanau

Tory is the council’s first wahine Māori mayor. Originally from Pātea in South Taranaki, Tory is of Pakakohe and Ngā Ruahine descent.

Tory was elected on a platform of change. More affordable housing in the city, better public transport and greater opportunities for walking and cycling are central to Tory’s vision of a city that’s compassionate and inclusive. She also wants to strengthen relationships with mana whenua, building on the Tūpiki Ora Māori Strategy which the council adopted in 2022.

And as a harbour city, Tory is focussed on climate action to ensure we remain a liveable city. It’s also about looking after local businesses, the arts and our hospitality sector. They are a major part of what makes Wellington special – a creative, innovative, City of Impact.

By making these decisions now it ensures Pōneke remains a strong and resilient capital.

Tory has worked as a film censor and held marketing roles with multi-national insurance companies. More recently she spent 6 years as the chief of staff for the Green Party. She lives in Wellington with her dog Teddy.

She is learning to love the Phoenix football team. 

Contact details

Email: mayor@wcc.govt.nz
Address: PO Box 2199, Wellington, New Zealand
Executive assistant: tiumalu.sialava'a@wcc.govt.nz

Mayoral requests

If you would like to request a meeting with the Mayor or have the Mayor attend an event, please fill out the forms below and send to tiumalu.sialava'a@wcc.govt.nz.

Meeting request form

Event request form

Note: The diary does not include unscheduled meetings, personal appointments that have been included in the diary for organisational purposes, travel logistics, time allocated for emails and general office work.

For more information contact mayor@wcc.govt.nz

Mayoral expenses

Mayor Tory Whanau: Mayoral expenses April - June 2023 (142KB PDF)
Mayor Tory Whanau: Mayoral expenses 10 October 2022 - 31 March 2023 (238KB PDF)

Committee membership

Committee Position
Te Kaunihera o Pōneke | Council Chair
Unaunahi Ngaio | Chief Executive Performance Review Committee Chair
Kōrau Tōtōpū | Long-term Plan, Finance, and Performance Committee Member
Kōrau Tūāpapa | Environment and Infrastructure Committee Member
Kōrau Mātinitini | Social, Cultural, and Economic Committee Member
Koata Hātepe | Regulatory Processes Committee Member
Unaunahi Māhirahira | Audit and Risk Committee Member
Pītau Pūmanawa | Grants Subcommittee Member

External appointments

Appointment Position
Wellington Regional Leadership Committee Member
Tākai Here Leadership Forum Member
Local Government New Zealand Zone 4 Member
Wellington Water Committee Member
Wellington International Airport Ltd Member
NZ international Arts Festival Trust Member
Thomas George Macarthy Trust Member
Joe Aspell Trust Member
Tāwhiri – festival and experiences Member

Ex Officio Patronages & Honorary Memberships

Organisation Status

Cretans Association of New Zealand


Friends of Tawa Bush Reserves


Karori Bowing Club


National Council of Women

Branch Patron
New Zealand Opera Patron 
Orpheus Choir Vice Patron 

Rainbow Wellington Org NZ

Royal Humane Society of NZ Inc. Vice Patron

Wellington Abrahamic Council of Jews, Christians and Muslims


Wellington Historical and Early Settlers Association

Wellington Male Voice Choir Patron
Wellington Municipal Croquet Club Co-Patron
Wellington Rotary Club Honorary Member
Wellington Rowing Club Patron
Wellington Tramway Museum Incorporated Joint Patron
Wellington Youth Orchestra Patron