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New ratings valuations

Quotable Value (QV), on behalf of the Council, has completed the 2018 Wellington City revaluations. These have been audited and approved by the Office of the Valuer General.

You can see the new values from 8 November at the Council Service Centre, or from 9 November online at, and after 19 November on Property Search – via the valuation and rates summary link. Rating valuation notices with the updated rating values will be posted or emailed to property owners mid-November.

The objection close-off date is 20 December 2018. You can object online at Rating Valuation - QV, phone QV on 0800 787 284, or email for an objection form or more information about the new valuations.

The new Rating Valuations will be used from 1 July 2019. The Long Term Plan forecast is to keep the average rates increase to 3.6% of the 2019/20 year. Rates are set through the Annual Plan consultation starting in March/April 2019.

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Withholding personal details

You can withhold your personal details from the public Rating Information Database. To do so, you must first search for your property. Then select the 'Remove my details' link to complete the form.

Information not shown

There is some information that the Council is prohibited from showing, such as the owner of the property and rates owing. If you are the owner or other authorised person you can obtain this information by calling the Council's rates team on 04 499 4444 or emailing

About the Council's rating information database

The information displayed for each property is taken from the Council's rating information database (RID) and rates record.

The RID is a list of information that is used to set and assess rates on a property (rating unit) in a particular year. The rates record includes other information on the state of the rates account.

Wellington City Council maintains the RID and rates record for the Wellington City area for both itself and Greater Wellington Regional Council. 

Other property information

You can also get building permit and consent records for a property using our building consent search service. These records generally include plans and Council documentation such as applications and inspections.

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