How to pay for Pay by Space parking

Our parking meters accept cash or credit card. You can also pay for Pay by Space parking using the smartphone app PayMyPark.

How Pay by Space parking works

Each parking space in the central city has its own number, which you'll find on the kerb. Our parking sensor system activates when you park, so your session starts immediately.

If the parking space number is missing

Using a parking meter

  1. Enter the parking space number in the parking meter.
  2. Choose your time and payment method: cash or credit card (including PayWave).
  3. Pay and walk away – you don't need to display your receipt in your vehicle.

Using the PayMyPark app

PayMyPark allows you to pay for your parking from your smartphone. It's free to download.

PayMyPark smartphone app

Cashless meters being trialled

We are currently trialling 10 cashless parking meters in the city centre in an attempt to reduce vandalism and break-ins.  Payment options for customers will not be reduced, and there will always be a cash meter within 35 metres. Read our media release for more information.

The cashless meters offer e-receipting, removing the need to print a paper receipt. Customers can access their receipt by scanning a QR code using their smartphone, or entering their details online. 

How to obtain an e-receipt (336KB PDF)

If your chosen payment method isn't working

Please choose another method, or phone our Contact Centre any time on 04 499 4444. If you don't pay for the time you park, you may receive a parking ticket.

Check signs for restrictions

Clearways, bus lanes, special vehicle parking and time restrictions may apply during paid parking hours. Check the signs and parking meter screens for information about how long you can park for.


Need help?

You can phone our Contact Centre any time on 04 499 4444 or email