Loading zone permits

Loading zones can be used by goods vehicles and business vehicles with a loading zone permit.

How loading zones work

Loading zones are short-term parking spaces that allow businesses to load or unload goods.

We issue loading zone permits so that small business operators can service their business or customers without having to purchase a goods vehicle. It also prevents motorists who are not involved in a goods service from parking in a loading zone.

Who can apply for a loading zone

Businesses that use goods vehicles don't need a permit. Goods vehicles are those designed especially for the purpose of trade, such as vans (without back seats), flat-deck trucks and utility vehicles.

Businesses that use any other kind of vehicle to load or unload goods need a permit to use a loading zone.

How to apply or renew a permit

1. Complete the form

Loading Zone Permit Application Form (185KB PDF)

2. Explain why you need a permit

As part of your application, you or the business's manager need to provide a letter stating why the business needs a loading zone permit.

3. Submit and pay for your application

The annual fee for a loading zone permit is $60.50. You need to pay the fee when you submit your application.

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