Install & maintain your traffic mirror

Installing the mirror

Position the mirror:

  • so the driver who must give way, can see vehicles in the centre of the mirror
  • erect mirror at a safe height for pedestrian and vehicle safety.

We recommend the mirror supplier also supplies the mirror fitting, the pole if needed, and installs the mirror − or use a traffic signs installer.

When positioning the mirror, you must:

  • minimise the mirror being visible from the main traffic flow
  • reduce glare and reflections from vehicle headlights and sunlight
  • make sure vegetation and other objects don’t shade or cover the mirror.

Your responsibilities

The licence holder is fully responsible for any issues regarding the traffic mirror. The Wellington City Council accepts no liability or responsibility for any matter relating to the traffic mirror. It is your full responsibility to make sure that the mirror works properly.

You must regularly check the mirror and make sure it is:

  • clean and clear of vegetation and other objects
  • undamaged
  • securely attached to the pole
  • the pole is secure in the ground
  • adjusted properly.

Moving the mirror

You may also need to relocate the mirror for permanent road changes, future building developments, road layout changes or any situation that compromises public safety on the legal road (including footpath and berms).

Removing the mirror

Wellington City Council has the right to remove any mirror that fails to comply with the criteria in the traffic mirror licence and as stated in the owner’s responsibility.

More information

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