Permissions and approvals

If you are planning any kind of work or activity on or near a road, footpath, or roadside area, you need permission from the Council.

Check which activities you need to get permission for and how many days you should allow for your application to be processed. Fees may apply.

Permission to close a road and footpath

If you need to close a vehicle lane, parking area or footpath, then you need Council permission.

Event, protest or parade that affects vehicle or pedestrian traffic

Contact to discuss your project.

Temporary construction loading zones

Complete a Road Usage Licence (Footpath) Application Form (70KB PDF). Email the form to

Crane-lifting equipment

This usually requires a temporary traffic management plan. The crane company will usually organise the Temporary Traffic Management Plan. You'll need to contact customer.compliance@wcc.govt.nzto discuss your project.


Complete the Road Usage Licence (Footpath) Application Form (70KB PDF). Email the form to

Something else?

Contact to discuss your project.

Processing time

The time to process an application depends on how complex it is. We will advise you if there are any further requirements needed such as:

  • consultation
  • traffic and pedestrian management plans
  • emergency management plans
  • risk management issues
  • health and safety
  • public liability insurance.

Street events - lane, parking area and footpath closures

As well as Council permission, you may need to get NZ Transport Agency permission.

Community and local events

To close a vehicle lane, parking area or footpath for an event, email

Major events

For more information: Organising an Event

Work on the road or footpath

Individuals and contractors working on or near a road (eg a carriageway, footpath or roadside area) must get a Work Access Permit before starting any of the following:

  • excavation work of any sort, including drilling
  • where damage is or may be caused to the road
  • a new pavement surface is to be laid
  • any other work where a traffic lane is to be blocked and traffic is delayed or likely to be delayed more than two minutes.

Carrying out work in someone else's excavation

You must have your own Work Access Permit unless you are working in an excavation that already has a Works Access Permit, and that they agree to cover the work with their Works access permit. This must be formalised in a written agreement and uploaded to the Works Access Permit holder's corridor access request.

If you're working on the road or footpath, get Council permission for a temporary closure by filling out the above Road Closure Request Form. This includes road work notices and corridor access requests.

Get a Works Access Permit

You will need to complete a Corridor Access request and submit it to Submitica.

Utility operators

Corridor Access Requests (CAR)

Utility operators planning work on or near the road (a carriageway, footpath or roadside area) must make a Corridor Access Request (CAR) on the Submitica website.

Before you make a CAR, use the information below to check if you are compliant.

For a checklist of what utility operators have to apply for and comply with, see: Utilities

More information

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