Apply for a traffic mirror

You will need an encroachment licence before installing a traffic mirror in a legal road. You may also need a road works notice, approval from utility network operators, and resource or building consent.

First, apply for an encroachment licence

You need an encroachment licence to install a traffic mirror within the legal road. You must get a licence before installing a mirror.

This licence permits the licence holder to erect and use a traffic mirror to help access to and from their private road. It does not create any legal interest in the land.

Your application must:

  • explain how it meets each of the five criteria
  • explain other options you considered and why none of them provide a satisfactory solution
  • include a diagram showing details of the driveway, proposed mirror location, details of other structures planned to be built within the legal road and any other relevant information
  • details of your proposed mirror.

A transport planning engineer will assess your application using the five criteria and any safety issues relating to the site. We may need you to follow up with a traffic report from a traffic engineer.

You may also need other consents

If your mirror needs a pole

If the traffic mirror needs a new pole to be installed, you will need a road work notice. The Council may inspect the location to ensure the road has been returned to an appropriate standard.

If your mirror is on an existing utility pole

If needed, get approvals from utility network operators (service authorities). For example if the mirror will be attached to a power or other utility pole.

Building or resource consents

Depending on the situation, you may need one of these consents. Email our building consent team and our resource consent team to check.

More information

Transport Planning

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