Water tanks and water containers

You can buy 200 litre water tanks to supply your family with water in the event of an emergency.

A council staff member with a happy customer and his new 200 liter water tank.

A happy customer with his new 200 litre water tank


In an emergency, your household will have to care for yourselves and your pets for at least 7 days until water distribution points are set up. If an earthquake hit, it could take several weeks to restore water service.

You need to have at least 3 litres of drinking water for each person per day. You will also need water for pets, cooking and washing.

Water tanks

You can set up your own emergency water supply at home.

Cost: $110
Capacity: 200 litres

You can pick up and pay for these water tanks at our Tip Shop at Southern Landfill during the shop's usual opening hours - including weekends. Please follow the installation instructions carefully.



Emergency Rainwater Tanks Information Sheet (306KB PDF)

The tank can be used:

  • to collect rainwater from your roof in an emergency
  • as a back-up water supply for gardens during droughts.

Tank Guy product notice 25 February 2019 (42KB PDF)

The water tank can fit on the backseat of a car, it comes with all the attachments and it can be installed in less than 30 minutes.

Plastic emergency water containers

These containers can be purchased from good hardware stores. The bottles are designed for easy pouring and you can fill them to the top so that no air is trapped - helping to keep the water fresh.