Southern Landfill, Tip Shop and Recycle Centre

More than just a landfill, the Southern Landfill and Recycle Centre works to keep as much waste out of the landfill as possible. Come and buy recycled goods, compost and garden products, drop off your recycling and ewaste or learn about waste minimisation. And, of course, we accept household and commercial rubbish.

Hours and location

View the location and opening hours for the Southern Landfill and Recycle Centre, the Tip Shop, and Capital Compost.


    Current prices for commercial and residential disposal of rubbish and recyclable items at the Southern Landfill.

      The Tip Shop and Recycle Centre

      We accept donated items that are still in usable condition to give them a second life.

        Waste education

        The Council's Waste Education Officers help people to minimise waste.