Electrical waste

You can get rid of most electrical waste (or ewaste) for free at the Southern Landfill's recycling centre.

You can drop off the following electrical equipment free of charge:

  • computers, laptops and printers (except monitors which have a $30 charge)
  • fax machines, copiers and scanners
  • toys, leisure and sports equipment
  • calculators
  • LED bulbs
  • phones
  • toasters, microwaves, fans, fryers, vacuum cleaners, irons, scales, sewing machines, smoke detectors
  • drills, regulators and thermostats
  • radios, hi-fi, stereos, DVD and video players, and other home entertainment equipment (except for TVs which have a $30 charge)

Televisions and computer monitors

Television sets and computer monitors will cost you $30 to drop off. Some of these screens include leaded glass and mercury, and all must be stripped out, prepared and processed overseas. The charge is in line with other recyclers.

Through our partnership with RemarkIT, the sale of components from the recyclable part of eWaste will fund the service, making it free for Wellingtonians and the Council.

Stavros Michael, the Council’s City Networks Manager

Working in partnership

The Council is working in partnership with RemarkIT on this new eWaste service - the first of its kind in New Zealand.

RemarkIT follow the Ministry for the Environment’s guidelines for collecting and recycling eWaste, and the Australian-New Zealand Standard for collection, storage, transport and treatment of electrical and electronic equipment. This means they report on where all collected materials have gone and don't dump leaded glass into landfills.

Other places you can dispose of ewaste

If you're not handy to the Southern Landfill, there are other locations throughout Wellington that accept eWaste for recycling. For more details, see: eWaste