At the Southern Landfill and Recycle Centre you can drop off household and commercial rubbish, and buy recycled goods and compost.

COVID-19 update

Landfill facilities: Closed to the general public

Kerbside recycling collection: Postponed

Kerbside rubbish collection: Continuing as usual

Updates and more information:

Easter collections

Rubbish is not collected on Good Friday. Instead, the collection is moved to the Saturday that follows. Collections on all other days will happen as usual. If your rubbish is collected by a private operator, contact them for information on their holiday collections.

Colourful design image of the landfill and a digger with a wind turbine in the background

The future of the Southern Landfill

We have only four years left until the current stage of the Southern Landfill is full. It's time to talk about what we do with our waste?

Find out more at The future of the Southern Landfill

Location & hours

Location and opening hours for the Southern Landfill and Recycle Centre, the Tip Shop, and Capital C...


    Current prices for commercial and residential disposal of rubbish at the Southern Landfill.

      Types of waste accepted

      Check which types of waste you can recycle or dispose of safely, and how to save on tip fees.

      The Tip Shop

      You can donate or buy a range of items at the Tip Shop salvaged goods shop.

        Compost & garden products

        Capital Compost is made at the Southern Landfill using the city's garden waste. You can buy the comp...

        Southern Landfill water quality monitoring

        We do specific tests at the Southern Landfill as part of the conditions of our consent for operating...