Free plants for residents planting on road & Council reserves

The Council provides free native plants for residents to plant on public land such as road reserves and reserves next to private property.

Apply for free plants

You can apply online for free plants from January to March each year to plant on road reserves and reserves next to private property.

Note: Plants must be collected from the nursery in September - they will not be delivered.

Apply for free plants


Where you can plant

'Road reserve' is the area between property boundaries and the road; 'reserve' is other public park land.

See the aerial map of your property to check your boundaries and where the road reserve is: Property Search

Planting needs to remain under 1.5m if under powerlines or near bridge structures.

Site preparation and maintenance

Before planting the area must be cleared of weeds and any other preparation works completed; the property must not be for sale.

Where the road reserve or reserve land has boundaries with another property, please consult with your neighbours to ensure that you are both agreed on the planting.

If you are planting on a road reserve or next to an area that has been mown or sprayed in the past, you need to ask for the area to be put on the No Cut/No Spray register. Contact our operations team on (04) 499 4444.

Types and care of plants

A range of native eco-sourced plants is provided which suit Wellington conditions. The Council provides the plants and information on planting and maintenance, but residents are responsible for the planting and ongoing care.

Native eco-sourced plants are used:

  • to keep the distinctiveness of Wellington's local flora
  • to avoid the risk of planting species that could become invasive
  • as local plants are better suited to Wellington's conditions and so are easier to grow.


Most residents receive 10 - 20 plants, but those who are restoring areas after clearing weeds, planting beside a stream or stabilising a bank could receive up to 30 (over $150 worth). The general rule for planting is one plant per square metre.

Successful applicants

We will let you know later in the year whether you are successful or not. The Council will have the final decision on plant numbers and species. Further information will be sent out to successful applicants.

Priority will be given to residents removing pest weeds, such as old man’s beard, and areas next to reserves and stream banks.

Benefits of planting on public land

More planting around the city will:

  • make Wellington a better place to live - by helping to provide clean air, regulate water run-off, keep things cool in summer, provide shelter from the wind, and store carbon
  • increase our native plant populations, which helps form our sense of place, and can boost property values
  • provide habitat for our native birds, lizards and insects.

More information

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