Resource consents

You will need a resource consent for any development, subdivision or other proposed use of a site that does not comply with the District Plan.

Pay a resource consent

Select "Property" from the drop down list.

About resource consents

Find out how resource consents, the District Plan, Resource Management Act (RMA) and National Enviro...

    Pre-application meetings

    At a confidential pre-application meeting, you can have a discussion with Council staff before you s...


      This page shows the current fees schedule for resource consents and associated services. Owners of l...

      Notified resource consents

      If your application is likely to affect the public or your neighbours, you will need to follow the p...

        Engaging with mana whenua

        The Resource Management Act (RMA) recognises that Māori have a special cultural and spiritual relati...

          Resource consent monitoring

          We monitor compliance with resource consent conditions to protect the environment and the community.


            The forms you'll need for your resource consent.

              Boundary activities

              If you are building or extending your home you may qualify for a boundary activity.