Pool fencing

You must have a fence around a swimming pool on your property.

Small girl playing in swimming pool.

New pool safety legislation came into effect on 1 January 2017.

The Building (Pools) Amendment Act 2016 repealed the Fencing of Swimming Pools Act 1987.

The Amendment Act includes new safety pool provisions in the Building Act 2004 and creates Building Code clause F9

Under the new rules, all swimming pools must:

  • have a physical barrier that restrict access
  • be inspected every three years.


Fencing your spa or swimming pool (1006KB PDF)

These requirements apply to pools that have a maximum depth of water of 400 mm or more.

Pool fence inspections

Councils must ensure that swimming pool barriers are inspected every three years.

Inspections include:

  • residential properties
  • hotel, motel, inn, hostel, or boarding house
  • convalescent homes, nursing homes, or hospice
  • rest homes or retirement villages
  • camping grounds.

Spa pools

Spa pools can use lockable lids as barrier as long as:

  • the pool has walls at least 760 mm high and cannot be climbed
  • the water surface area is 5 sq m or less
  • the cover is capable of supporting a load of a least 20kg
  • you can secure the cover with straps fitted with lockable snap fasteners or a fastener that is locked with a padlock
  • you have signage that states In black letters not less than 5 mm in height ‘WARNING: This spa pool cover must be kept locked except when under adult supervision’.


Further information is available on the Building Performance website: