Building warrant of fitness

It is the owner's responsibility to make sure their building is safe to use.

What is a building warrant of fitness (BWoF)?

A BWoF is a statement from a building owner that confirms the systems specified in the building’s compliance schedule  (including domestic cable cars) have been maintained and checked for the previous 12 months. You must comply with the BWoF as it’s a provision of the Building Act 2004

Do I need a building warrant of fitness (BWoF)?

If your home has a cable car or your building has a specified system you need a BWoF.

See: Managing your BWoF (for buildings with specified systems) – Building Performance

Send forms to us annually

Every year, you or your agent must complete copies of Form 12 - Building warrant of fitness, with supporting Form 12a - Certificate of compliance for each system on your compliance schedule:

Once completed, either:

  • send them to
  • drop them in to 101 Wakefield Street, or
  • post them to PO Box 2199.

Your compliance schedule lists all your building’s systems and when they need to be checked and maintained to ensure they are safe to use for the next 12 months.

Get a copy or update your compliance schedule

If you need a copy of your compliance schedule or you would like to amend your compliance schedule, email us your building address and we will send it to you.

An Independently Qualified Person can issue a Form 12a

You will need an Independent Qualified Person (IQP) to verify the inspection, maintenance and reporting of your specified systems. This verification covers the previous 12 months.

Display your Form 12 - BWoF

Your 'Form 12 - Building warrant of fitness' must be displayed to the public in your building.

Find an IQP

Use the IQP register to find qualified people for your specified systems.

If you want to register as an IQP, or if you're already registered and want to add a new system to your competencies, complete the Independent Qualified Person (IQP) application for registration (192KB PDF). You will be sent an invoice, which you can pay online with your credit or debit card.

BWoF inspections

To ensure Wellington buildings are safe, the Council, operating as a territorial authority, makes BWoF inspections (site audits) from time-to-time. You will receive a letter from us when we visit the building, review the systems and update the compliance schedule.

Outdated BWoF

If you don’t provide a complete and correct BWoF on time, you are liable to pay additional fees, infringement fines and legal proceedings. Not having a BWoF is an offence under the Building Act 2004.

For buildings with an out-of-date or incomplete BWoF, we will issue a notice to fix, billed on WCC time at $163.50 per hour.

If the notice to fix isn’t actioned, we will issue an infringement notice under section 402 of the Building Act. Each infringement notice is $1000.

BWoF fees

Our fees are all guided by the Building Act 2004.

1 specified system or cable car
2-10 specified systems
11 or more specified systems
 Inspections (audits)
1-3 specified systems
4-10 specified systems
11 or more specified systems

We may charge additional costs at $163.50 per hour including GST.

You can pay your BWoF fee online with your credit or debit card.

Pay online


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