Resource consents

A resource consent is a written decision from the Council about something that may affect the environment or your community.

Resource consents – COVID-19 update

We’re prioritising work that relates to essential services or public health and safety.

New applications: New resource consent applications are encouraged to use our new online portal . Alternatively, please email applications to All non-resource consent applications (e.g. change of conditions etc) should email applications to

We will continue to process non-essential resource consents and associated applications where possible. For applications received during the lockdown period we will make decisions on whether we can proceed with processing on a case by case basis.

Pre-applications: If you are seeking pre-application advice you can still apply for this through the normal digital channels.

Subdivision certification: We expect to be able to provide the full subdivision certification process at a reduced capacity however if a site visit is required this will not be able to be carried out until the lockdown is lifted.