City Safety CCTV cameras

Wellington City Council operates closed circuit television (CCTV) surveillance cameras in central Wellington, which are monitored by volunteers alongside the Police.

CCTV surveillance camera.

CCTV camera on a lamp post on the corner of Cuba and Manners streets


The CCTV surveillance system is a Council-led initiative and is strongly supported through our partnership with the Wellington Central Police.

What the city safety CCTV cameras are used for

Our use of CCTV cameras aims to make Wellington a safe city through activities that target and prevent crime and public disorder, ensure efficient responses, and increase public safety. The CCTV system also makes it possible for us to gather information on non-police issues such as rough sleeping.

Who monitors the city safety CCTV cameras

The footage is monitored by our Local Hosts daily from 9am to 6pm.

Accessing city safety CCTV camera footage

For privacy purposes, we do not release camera footage directly to the public. If you would like to obtain footage from any of the city safety cameras, you can lodge a complaint or incident with Police, who will then request footage from Wellington City Council directly.

Data that is recorded and who it is shared with

The volunteers at the camera base record data about the incidents and situations they observe. This information is used to help make evidence-based decisions within Council for the purposes of city safety and urban design.

The information collected may include personal information, for example, a description of someone suspected to be involved in criminal activity. We collect this kind of personal information for the purposes of crime prevention, criminal evidence and personal wellbeing. We may share this information with our staff and - where appropriate - with NZ Police.

Monitoring and use of images are carried out in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993 and Wellington City Council CCTV Guidelines (729KB PDF).

Your rights

You have a right to access any personal information we hold about you, and to ask for it to be corrected if you think it is wrong. For more information about privacy, see: Dealing with the Council - Privacy Statement

Camera locations

All cameras are marked with a sign that says 'Crime prevention and safety cameras are operating in this area'.

Check out the interactive map of CCTV Camera locations in Wellington.

Locations where City Safety CCTV cameras are installed

More information

Jonelle du Pont, Community Safety Advisor

Phone 027 803 0664