Temporary public art

The Council's Public Art fund supports these upcoming and current temporary public artworks.

Banners by Elisabeth Pointon displaying the words 'Spectacular', 'Outstanding' and 'Big Deal' in large block letters hang in an gallery space with white walls.

Elisabeth Pointon: What Goes Up. City Gallery Wellington 2019.

Elisabeth Pointon

Saturday 27 June 2020, 12.30pm

City Gallery Wellington is taking to the sky with one of artist Elisabeth Pointon's aerial banners from their current exhibition What Goes Up – featuring banners and documentation from the artist's year-long trilogy of works in 2019. The banner will soar over Cuba Street and the general city centre area for approximately 30 minutes.

For more information visit City Gallery Wellington website.

This project and flyover are supported by Wellington City Council Public Art Fund and Airbubble Aerial Advertising and Banner Towing.

Artist Kedron Parker standing in Woodward Street pedestrian tunnel.

Artist Kedron Parker

Kumutoto Stream

Imagine Woodward Street, long ago before cement took over The Terrace. Artist Kedron Parker entices pedestrians to imagine the area in its natural state before urban development. A soundscape of bubbling water and native birdlife fills the Woodward Street pedestrian tunnel, evoking an experience of walking where the stream once ran. 

Installed seamlessly in the tunnel, the soundscape ran for an initially-planned 5 week period from February 2014, was continued due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, and is now a permanent installation of the city. 

When: Ongoing.

Past projects

For information on previous temporary public art exhibitions, see: Past projects.

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