Courtenay Place Park

With an urban backdrop instead of the traditional white gallery walls, this light box exhibition space is a New Zealand first.

The light boxes form a highly public exhibition space in Courtenay Place Park and feature eight 3m-high steel and glass LED boxes.

The light boxes were designed as an integral part of the Courtenay Place Park and were unveiled to Wellingtonians in May 2008. The light boxes encourage people to reflect on this environment, even if just for a minute.

Each exhibition lasts for 4 to 6 months.

Brooch made from New Zealand 10 cent coin by Matthew

Matthew McIntyre Wilson, 'The Price of Change'


Current exhibition

Whetū Whitu

1 June - 20 August
Artist: Matthew McIntyre Wilson (Taranaki, Ngā Māhanga and Titahi)

Tērā Matariki ka rewa i te pae
Nau mai, haramai te hua o te tau hou…

Whetū Whitu is a series of  brooches that reflect the stories of Puanga and Matariki. The brooches are part of McIntyre Wilson’s ongoing Price of Change Series which feature re-purposed imagery cut from New Zealand, Cook Island and British coins. Brooches are normally pinned to the wearer, but for this exhibition they adorn light boxes as large-scale prints.

Find out more in Nikki Hessell’s essay on Whetū Whitu (612KB PDF)

A furry surface with yellow goo oozing over the top.

Laura Duffy, 'Garden of Purity'


Upcoming exhibition

Garden of Purity

Late August - December 2018
Laura Duffy

Garden of Purity considers how we read and ingest imagery, drawing links through history from art history to advertising. Duffy sees the works as being a layered conversation about Catholicism, advertising, abjection, and queerness. She uses edible materials as a starting point for the series of digitally manipulated photographs in the light boxes and online video works. The series intends to prompt questions about traditional notions of beauty and divinity by blurring the lines between repulsion and desire.

Past exhibitions

For information on previous Courtenay Place light boxes exhibitions, see: Past Exhibits

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