Courtenay Place Park

A New Zealand first, Courtenay Place Park light boxes form a highly public exhibition space in the midst of Wellington’s central city environment.

The eight 3-metre high steel and glass LED light boxes were designed as an integral part of the Courtenay Place Park and were unveiled in May 2008.

The light boxes encourage people to reflect on this busy and diverse urban centre, even if just for a minute.

Each exhibition lasts for four to six months.

Greywacke love poems piece of art by Raewyn Martyn.

Current exhibition

Greywacke Love Poems

Raewyn Martyn
8 April 2019 – 9 June 2019

Wellington artist Raewyn Martyn explores processes of transformation within human-made forms and geological landscapes. Greywacke Love Poems have developed through experimentation with mineral pigments, plant-based polymers and photography, re-positioning Wellington's South Coast in the city's urban centre.

Past projects

For information on previous Courtenay Place light boxes exhibitions, see: Past projects

More information

Meredith Robertshawe, Senior Arts Advisor

Phone 021 227 8207