Cobblestone Park

The light boxes at Cobblestone Park are a joint Victoria University and Wellington City Council venture.

The three light boxes are at Wellington's Cobblestone Park, outside Victoria University's Architecture and Design School, on Vivian Street.

Daniel Brown Tāhū-nui-a rangi 2019


Current exhibition

Two worlds / two times

Daniel K Brown and Mizuho Nishioka

28 January – 2 August

Design researchers at Victoria University's School of Architecture and Design, Daniel K Brown and Mizuho Nishioka present TWO WORLDS / TWO TIMES for Vivian Street's Cobblestone Park Light Boxes.

Brown's work re-imagines heavenly bodies in Māori mythology; Tāhū-nui-a rangi, the Aurora australis, and Tāhū-o-te-rangi the Milky Way, through a whakatauki depicting the fragmentary rainbow at the edge of the heavens.

Nishioka's work disrupts expectations of nature, the machine and time. Fragments of botanical specimens caught in a technological glitch float between the two worlds of 'NatureTime' and 'MachineTime'.

Past projects

Bringing the German Pavilion Back Home
Jessica Wright

Transient Crossings: Embodiment in the Everyday
Stacey Mountfort

Christchurch through the Looking Glass
Ryan McCully

Prefabricated Architecture for a Circular Economy
Gerard Finch

Wai o papa: Waterlands (2016)

Wai o Papa, or Waterlands, is a Deep South project, one of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s national science challenges. This cross-disciplinary project investigates how science, art and design can assist Māori coastal communities on the Kapiti-Horowhenua coast adapt to the impacts of climate change. The images on the panels represented on one side, an estimation of the impact of 0.5, 1 and 1.5 metres of sea level rise on the coast between the Waikawa and Ōhau rivers; and on the other, the mouth of the Ōhau River at the lunar high tide.

Deep South Science Challenge: Dr Huhana Smith, Professor Penny Allan, Professor Martin Manning, Martin Bryant, Derrylea Hardy, Jane Richardson, Professor Murray Patterson, Abdallah Richards, Kevin Cartwright.

A Speculative Future (2015)
By Nicholas O'Connell, Holly Loft, Emma Erasmus, Tom Robertson.

Scraping the Sky: A Retreat Upwards (2014)
By Ben Allnatt, Declan Burn, Winston Dewhirst, and Tom Dobinson.

Digital Futures (2013)
By Simone Crane, Shiping Toohey, Jake Evill, Earl Stewart.

Glamping at Ngapotiki Reserve (2012)
By Jono Coates, Sarah Mokhtar, Daniel van Polanen, Tanya Mazurkiewicz , Michelle Hall.

First Light IN4MS (2012)
By Tobias Danielmeier.

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