Trade Waste Charges Policy

Adopted in 2008. Updated with minor changes in 2019.

The Council is responsible for providing and managing wastewater services for the city. It does this by providing a wastewater transportation network comprising more than 1,000 kilometres of pipes and tunnels with 63 pumping stations.

Although trade waste is a small proportion of the total wastewater entering the wastewater system, it can lead to undesirable outcomes within the city’s sewer network and treatment plants if not appropriately managed.

This policy sets out a framework to determine and implement a ‘mass flow charging regime’ where trade waste producers will be expected to contribute to the cost of disposing of trade waste. This policy must be read in conjunction with the Trade Waste Bylaw which provides a basis for charging trade waste users and ensures that the costs of treatment and disposal are shared fairly between trade waste and domestic wastewater dischargers.

The explanatory note provides three worked examples for a high, medium and low risk trade waste premise (note the figures and rates are examples only).

Trade Waste Charges Policy April 2019  (258KB PDF)
Trade Waste Charges Policy explanatory note  (56KB PDF)