Reclaim seized equipment

Equipment is seized when the guidelines in the noise direction notice aren't followed. You can apply to get back seized equipment.

How to get your equipment back

The person's name on the seizure notice must be the same person to apply for their reclaimed equipment. In your application you must include proof of identity, because we need to make sure we're returning the equipment to the right owner. 

Return of seized property application form (190KB PDF)

Email the completed form to

After you've applied

When we receive your application we'll review all the information provided and noise history. Your equipment will only be returned if we're satisfied it won't be used to create excessive noise. 

If your equipment is returned, you'll have to pay a standard $100 administration fee. You must pay the fee in full before we can return your equipment.

Unclaimed equipment

If seized equipment isn't reclaimed after six months, we may dispose of it.