Make a noise complaint

Check to see who to contact before you make a noise complaint.


Contact us for these noise complaints

Phone: 04 499 4444 (available 24/7)

Call the Council's Contact Centre to make a complaint about noise from:

  • loud parties
  • alarms
  • construction
  • buskers and bars
  • industrial or commercial sites.

Barking dogs

Contact the Council:

Phone (preferred): 04 801 3222 Monday to Friday, 8am – 5 pm
04 499 4444 After hours

Other types of noise

Traffic noise

Contact your local Traffic Safety Branch:

Police Station by District - NZ Police

Workplace noise

For noise at work, contact:

Phone: 0800 030 040
Website: WorkSafe

Ships in the harbour

For ships in the harbour or ships at berth, contact:

Greater Wellington Regional Council
Phone: 0800 496 734
Website: Greater Wellington Regional Council


What happens when you make a noise complaint

1. The Contact Centre will take your details. Your private details aren't shared with anyone.

2. They'll ask you to call back 15 minutes later to confirm if the noise is continuing.

3. If necessary, a Noise Officer will be sent out to investigate. To complete the assessment, they'll take into account the time of day, background noise and any other factors.


Penalties for excessive noise

If the Noise Officer finds that the noise reported is excessive, they'll issue a noise direction notice (NDN). The notice states the noise must be reduced to a reasonable level. This notice applies for up to 72 hours from the time it is issued.

If excessive noise starts up again within the 72 hours, contact us again and a Noise Officer will re-visit the address and reassess the noise.

If the noise is deemed excessive a second time within the 72 hours, the equipment may be seized. We may also issue a $500 infringement fine. 

See how to reclaim seized equipment