Mount Albert

Tracks on the Mount Albert ridge provide walking and biking opportunities with views of the Cook Strait and Miramar Peninsula.

View of concrete structure at Mount Albert reserve.

Location: Melrose, southern end of Mount Victoria ridgeline.

Entrance and exit points: Mount Albert Road (near hockey stadium), Sutherland Crescent and Hornsey Road.

Brief description: Mount Albert is a prominent landform and an important part of the open space ridgeline that extends from Mount Victoria (Matairangi) to Island Bay.

Tracks on the Mount Albert ridge, including the Southern Walkway, provide walking and biking opportunities with views to the Cook Strait, the Miramar Peninsula and the airport.

The ridge can be accessed by vehicle from Mount Albert Road.

Parking: Large car park at hockey stadium.

Accessibility: Tracks are well-formed, but steep in places.

Dogs: There is an off-leash dog exercise area about half-way up the hill.

Features:4-cross bike track has been developed by volunteers – this is for specialized mountain bike or bmx racing. The Southern Walkway passes through here

Mountain biking: There are connecting trails through that are quite steep along with the above 4X track which is a lot of fun with friends.

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