Te Ahumairangi Hill loops

Choose between two walks: the 2.7km Elephant loop walk (about 2 hours), or the 1.4km Stellin loop walk (about 1½ hours).

Te Ahumairangi Hill look walk map.


Elephant Rock loop

This loop walk starts at the Scout Hall on Grant Road, Thorndon. From the grassy flat, at the hall, head up the track to the south. This takes you to a junction and a large rock known as Elephant Rock. You are now on the Northern Walkway and heading uphill.

The track climbs quite steeply now until you come to a sign where the East-West Connector meets the Northern Walkway. Stay on the Northern Walkway. After a very short steep climb the track becomes easy. You are now in the pine and macrocarpa forest.

You will come to a sign on your right with directions to old quarry site. Take this track and follow the markers. Carry on past the old quarry and back on to the Northern Walkway, returning to Grant Road by re-joining the track you started on.

Alternatively, you can choose not to go to the quarry site, but head back to Grant Road by heading downhill when you see a sign for the scout hall. It is a steep track.

You can lengthen this walk by taking the alternate route marked on the map. Stay on the Northern Walkway until a sign on your right points the way to Wadestown Road and Sefton Street. Refer to the map and follow the markers back to Grant Road.

Stellin loop

This loop walk starts at Stellin Memorial Park, Te Ahumairangi Hill.

From the car park (off Orangi Kaupapa Road) follow the grassy walkway to the Stellin Memorial. Head in to the pines on the left of the memorial. You will come to an intersection, turn left (down a flight of steps) to reach a sealed road that will take you to the Te Ahumairangi Hill look out. At the lookout take the steps up to the picnic area and then on to the sealed road (the Ridgeline Track) heading uphill briefly. You will see a sign that points you down the hill to the Northern Walkway. Take this track in to the bush.

Carry on downhill until you come through the pines trees and out into the open overlooking Thorndon.

From here you can either continue downhill on the Stellin Track to the Botanic Garden, or back up the hill on the same track to Stellin Memorial Park.

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Dogs must be on leads outside dog exercise areas. Please remember to clean up after your dog and dispose of the waste appropriately.