Education Kit

Exploring at the Otari-Wilton's Bush.

The Otari-Wilton's Bush Nature Trail / Te Ara o te Ngahere resources form an environmental education kit for teachers to use independently with school groups at Otari.

The kit is designed for use with students aged 8 - 12 years.


The Nature Trail resources can be downloaded in four parts below.

Contents (567KB PDF)

Part 1 - Information for Teachers (598KB PDF)

  • A briefing for teachers about Otari-Wilton's Bush
  • Health and safety register for school trips
  • Links to the NZ Curriculum
  • Pre-trip starter activities

Part 2 - Introduction to Sites on the Nature Trail / Te Ara o te Ngahere (1.40MB PDF)

Information for the teacher on the:

  • carved gateway and map at the entrance
  • lookout, viewing platform and boardwalk

Part 3 - Student Resources (1.59MB PDF)

  • A 'My Trip' record book
  • Map

Part 4 - Post-trip Activities (531KB PDF)

  • Ideas for discussion and debate
  • Actions for students
  • Brief resource list

Book a visit

You need to book for your school to go to Otari-Wilton's Bush - just to make sure that only one school is going through at a time.

To book, email


The aim of the Nature Trail education kit is to trigger actions at a grass-roots level by encouraging school communities to:

  • understand whanaungatanga - the interconnectedness of all things
  • recognise the importance of healthy ecosystems in our everyday lives
  • 'think globally and act locally' to help protect the living environment.

Links with the New Zealand Curriculum

The kit aligns with the school curriculum by connecting to the learning area of science in The New Zealand Curriculum, 2007. You can also adapt it to suit other parts of a curriculum by integrating any of the learning areas.

More information

For further enquiries or if you need help with your visit, contact:

Curator / Manager
Otari Wilton's Bush