The bees' needs

Find out how bee hives help the garden.

A bee pollinating a flower.

Bees play a vital role in a healthy and productive garden


We want different types of bees to visit our garden and pollinate our plants, so we’re creating habitats they like and putting hives around the Botanic Garden. 

You can see one at Foreman's Landing next to the Herb Garden.

The bees are not aggressive but if you don't like bees flying around you, it's best to keep to the path.

How bee hives help the garden

Our hives are not for honey – they provide a home for bees and protection from bad weather so they can do their job. 

A healthy bee is a successful bee. 

One bite in three comes from a bee 

Bees pollinate a third of what humans eat, including kiwifruit, apples, berries, lemons, pears, avocados, cotton, flax, coffee, cocoa, nuts, grains, potatoes and many herbs. 

A single bee worker makes 1/12th of a teaspoon of honey but visits and pollinates thousands of flowers.

Without bees, our supermarkets would be empty and we would be hungry. 

Be clean and green for our bee machines 

You can help.

Avoid using pesticides and chemicals in your gardens as they are poisonous to bees. Natural pesticides are easy to find and better for your health too.

For more information and to share this message, download our pamphlet: How Can You Help our Bees? (1.1MB PDF)