Report graffiti

Help stamp out graffiti in your neighbourhood.

If you see someone tagging

  • Don’t confront the offender.
  • Call the Police on 111.

If you see the tagging after the offenders have left, phone the Wellington Central Police Station on (04) 381 2000 to report it as an offence.

If your property is tagged

You should remove or paint over the graffiti within 24 hours.

Taggers want to be recognised – they see their graffiti or tags as ‘ownership’ of space. Taggers will repeat their scrawl as many times as possible to advertise to other taggers for recognition or status.

Rapid removal is the best way to prevent tagging because:

  • it reduces the recognition that taggers desire
  • it shows the area is looked after
  • if tagging is left where it is for longer than 24 hours, it’s likely taggers will return to have another go.

Remember that taggers are persistent so you may need to deal with graffiti repeatedly. Keep removing it straight away until the graffiti has stopped altogether. If a tag is old, it will be harder to remove.

Report graffiti on Council and Wellington Electricity property

Ways to report graffiti in public areas:

  • fill our online form
  • call us on 04 499 4444
  • write to us: Graffiti Programme Advisor, City Communities, Wellington City Council, PO Box 2199, Wellington 6140
  • come in to our Service Centre
  • post it on our Facebook page or send a tweet to @wgtncc

Information to provide when you are reporting graffiti

  • the exact location
  • what surface the graffiti is written on (eg wooden door, concrete wall etc)
  • whether it is spray painted, written in marker pen or scratched etc
  • if possible, what it says
  • what colour it is
  • whether it is obscene or offensive
  • your name and contact details (phone number and/or email address).

Other contacts

Telephone booth:
Spark - Help & support

Spark / Chorus cabinets:
Phone: 0800 100 282

Phantom boards / bollards:
Phone: 0800 742 686
Website: Contact Us-Phantom Billstickers

Post boxes: 
NZ Post
Phone: 0800 501 501
Website: Contact and Support - NZ Post

Bus shelters: 
Phone: 04 473 3210
Website: Adshel