Run a business from home

Find out which Council permissions you might need to run a small business out of your home.

Resource consent

A small-scale business in your home, like a hairdressing salon that occupies one room in your house, is called a work from home activity.

Work from home activities don't need resource consent as long as they meet the criteria for the activity area you live in.

Check which activity area your property is in

Enter your address into our ePlan and check the zoning under the Map Legend.

ePlan – our District Plan online

Building consent

You need a building consent for all work that affects the structure of a building, and all plumbing or drainage work other than simple repairs.

Building consents

Other permissions you may need

If you're altering an existing building

If you're applying for a building consent to alter an existing building:

  • the entire building must comply with the current Building Code requirements for escape from fire and, if required, access and facilities for people with disabilities
  • the rest of the building must not be made less compliant with the Building Code because of the work.

Applying for a building consent to alter an existing building

If your business needs a health licence

If your business falls into certain categories, you need a health licence to operate. This includes hairdressers and animal boarding houses.

Health licences

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