Build or demolish a garage

Find out which Council permissions you might need to build, replace or demolish a garage or carport.

Adding a new garage

You will usually need a building consent to build a new garage on your property.

Building consents

You may need resource consent if the project doesn't comply with the District Plan.

Resource consents

Replacing an existing garage

You don't need a building consent or resource consent to replace your existing garage as long as the old one was legally constructed and the new one:

  • will be the same size or smaller than the old one
  • is comparable to the old one
  • is no more than one storey high
  • will not be used by members of the public.

You may need a building consent if the new garage needs to be different to the old one in order to meet the current Building Code.

Building consents

Demolishing an existing garage

You don't need a building consent to demolish a garage or carport as long as it's not attached to your house.

Other permissions you may need

If you're creating or changing a driveway or kerb

If you're creating a new driveway or doing work that will affect the existing driveway or kerb, you'll need vehicle access permission.

Create or change a driveway or kerb 

If the work will encroach on the legal road

Wellington’s topography means you may sometimes need to use the road for your car deck or garage, or structures such as steps, fences or walls.

Use road reserve for private purposes