Pipes and cables

Are your pipes in good condition and your cables secure?


Service pipes and cables for water, sewage, stormwater, electricity and gas can break during an earthquake. Old pipes are especially vulnerable on hillsides where ground movement is more likely.

To check

  • Do you have old earthenware sewage or stormwater pipes?
  • Is your electrical connection above ground? This is a thick black cable that runs overhead from the street.
  • Is your electrical connection securely fixed to your house with a strain relief connection?
  • Do you know where the water and gas lines enter your property and how to turn them off after an earthquake?


  • Do not touch electrical cables or connections.
  • Do not confuse your electrical connection with overhead data cables that are also found in many parts of the Wellington region.


Always ask a professional to repair or replace the services to your home.

Replace old earthenware sewage or stormwater pipes with modern plastic pipes that are less likely to break.

Consult a plumber or drainlayer about your pipes and an electrician about your cables.