Earthquake resilience checklist

Use our Earthquake resilience checklist yourself to identify any weak points in your house, from your home’s foundations to its chimney.

The checklist

Some of the problems that could affect Wellington homes in an earthquake are relatively easy and inexpensive to fix, like tying the house to its foundations or securing a hot water cylinder. Use the following checklist yourself to identify any weak points:

Under the floor     Check

Floor to ceiling     Check
Water storage
and heat appliances

Ceiling to roof     Check
Header tanks

Grounds and surroundings     Check
Retaining walls
Pipes and cables

More information

Visit the Earthquake Commission (EQC) website to find out what you can do to make your home safer for you, your family or flatmates. It includes guides for:

To prevent damage and injury in an earthquake, it’s a good idea to restrain your large appliances and furniture. Seismic Restraints stocks an extensive range of earthquake safety fasteners to secure common fixtures and furnishings in every part of your home.

The Wellington Region Emergency Management Office has information about preparing for an emergency, and ways to connect with your community before a natural disaster.