26 Donald Street and 33 Campbell Street, Karori

Details on a resource consent application to authorise the construction, operation and maintenance of a comprehensive care retirement village.

This application (SR 471670) supersedes the original application SR 462500 which has been withdrawn.

Applicant: Ryman Healthcare Limited
Location: 26 Donald Street and 33 Campbell Street, Karori
Description: Proposal to establish a comprehensive care retirement village
Service request number: SR 471670


The applicant has requested a decision be deferred until 9 April 2021 while the applicant obtains additional information.


Further information response

A full response to the section 92 request was received on 25 November 2020. The response includes three memos and attachments provided below:

Further information request



This resource consent was lodged with the Council on 1 September 2020 and the statutory timeframe for the Council to make a notification decision commenced on 7 September 2020.

We may have the ability to extend certain timeframes, but only if we cannot adequately meet the statutory timeframes. We will have to meet legal requirements of doing this which includes a duty to avoid unreasonable delay. This may be considered when we get closer to reaching the statutory timeframes.

Further information request

A decision on whether further information request (section 92 of the Resource Management Act 1991) is required from the applicant will be determined once the Council advisors have completed their assessments.

A section 92 request for further information was sent to the applicant on 23 September 2020. Please refer to the PDF above titled ‘Ryman section 92 request for further information.’

A full response to the request was received on 25 November 2020 and details of this can be found above.


Ryman has not requested that the application be publicly notified. As such the Council must make a decision regarding notification.

Ryman has not applied for a non-notified consent. Ryman has identified that there will be a minor effect on some properties meaning that it considers that some properties will be affected by this development. Regardless, the Council must make a notification decision and this might not necessarily align with Ryman’s opinion on who is adversely affected.

Council officers are currently working through the application. Should this application include some form of notification, those considered directly affected will be advised by email and, additionally if publicly notified, a public notice will published in the newspaper (Dominion Post) and will be uploaded to this website. Submitters will have the ability to make a submission electronically.

If the application is notified, it will follow the normal statutory timeframes, which is 20 workings days to make a submission once an application has been notified.


We are happy to receive comments from residents. Any comments sent to us at planning@wcc.govt.nz will be forwarded to the planner assessing the application.

Formal submissions are only requested once a decision has been made to notify an application. As no decision has been made on notifying this application, any comments received at this stage are received on an informal basis.

More information

Resource Consents team
Email: planning@wcc.govt.nz