How to pay for Pay by Plate parking

All our parking meters accept debit or credit card. Selected parking meters accept coins. You can also pay for parking using the smartphone app PayMyPark.

How Pay by Plate parking works

Enter your vehicle plate number at the parking meter or via the PayMyPark App.

All parking meters display a 'Parking area' label which is found on both sides of the meter and on the screen display. Parking areas are numbered W01–W37. Check the meter where you are parked to determine which parking area you are in.

Pay by Plate parking meter with a person's hand pointing to parking area 'W01' on the side of the meter.
The parking area label can be found on the side of the meter.

Your payment is registered against your vehicle plate number. Your active parking session can be used in any parking space until it expires, so long as the vehicle plate number and parking area are the same. If you park in another parking area which has a different 'W' number, you will need to make a new payment. Check the meter and signs as time limits apply.

Using a parking meter

  1. Press the "press here to start" button.
  2. Select English or Te reo as your language option.
  3. Enter your vehicle plate number at the parking meter.
  4. If required, you can choose the option to pay for a different parking area by selecting 'pay for other parking area' and entering the 'W' location.
  5. To pay by cash insert your coins to increase the parking duration. Please note that not all meters accept coins. Find out where coin meters are located.
  6. To pay by debit or credit card (using PayWave) choose your parking duration using the +/- buttons.
  7. The meters offer e-receipting, removing the need to print a paper receipt. An electronic receipt can be received by scanning a QR code on the meter using your smartphone, or entering your details online.

Using the PayMyPark app

PayMyPark allows you to pay for your parking from your smartphone. It's free to download.

PayMyPark smartphone app

Coin meters

260 meters are card-only and 140 accept coin and card payments. The coin and card meters are available throughout the city.

Find out where our coin meters are located.

Using SmartPark Live

SmartPark Live is a GPS-activated parking payment method which is cloud-based and fully hands-free.

SmartPark Live

If your chosen payment method isn't working

Please choose another method or use another meter. You can phone our Contact Centre any time on 04 499 4444. If you don't pay for the time you park, you may receive a parking ticket.

Check signs for restrictions

Clearways, bus lanes, special vehicle parking and time restrictions may apply during paid parking hours. Check the signs and parking meter screens for information about how long you can park for.

Contact us

You can contact us any time on:

Phone: 04 499 4444