Get a traffic mirror

How to decide if a traffic mirror is the answer to your problem – or whether another option is better.

The Council does not install or maintain traffic mirrors.

This is because:

  • they provide limited visibility when raining, at dawn or at dusk
  • they have image distortion
  • a driver can misjudge speed and distances of approaching vehicles because of the mirror’s curvature
  • glare or reflections can dazzle or disorientate driver
  • they get easily broken and vandalised.

If you are having visibility issues exiting your driveway you could:

  • remove vegetation or cut back a bank
  • realign or remove a structure (for example, a fence)
  • move or realign a driveway

Although we do not offer traffic mirrors, you can put through a request to have the safety of your street assessed.

Traffic mirror encroachments

For concerns around private driveway visibility, it is possible for a member of the public to apply for an encroachment, and install their own traffic mirror. If the encroachment is approved, the person who applied for it has to install and maintain the mirror and the council could remove it if it is deemed a hazard.


As well as an encroachment, there may be other approvals needed.

  • If the traffic mirror needs a new pole to be installed, you will need a road work notice.
  • If needed, get approvals from utility network operators (service authorities). For example if the mirror will be attached to a power or other utility pole.
  • It’s possible you may need a building or resource consent - email our building consent team and our resource consent team to check.

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