Install a signalised crossing system at the Raroa Park/Onslow College pedestrian crossing.

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We the undersigned want a signalised traffic light/crossing system put in place at the Raroa/Onslow College pedestrian crossing to allow for a constant but controlled flow of students and traffic.

Submitted by Amanda Barber
Opened 24 November 2021
Closed 24 January 2022
Status Presented

Background information

The pedestrian crossing at Raroa Park/Onslow College is problematic and has been so for years. Every morning from 8:20am to 8:45am, and again in the afternoon from 3:10pm until 3:30pm, is a constant flow of students going to school and then coming from school. This creates a massive gridlock of traffic going both directions, for several hundred metres every day, but more so in the morning.


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This petition closed for signatures on 24 January 2022.