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Install a signalised crossing system at the Raroa Park/Onslow College pedestrian crossing.

We the undersigned want a signalised traffic light/crossing system put in place at the Raroa/Onslow College pedestrian crossing to allow for a constant but controlled flow of students and traffic.

Submitted by Amanda Barber
Opened 24 November 2021
Closed 24 January 2022


Total: 34

Name Suburb City
Amanda Barber Wellington Wellington
Sam Walker Khandallah Wellington
Sam Somers khandallah khandallah
Egginson Ann Khandallah Wellington
Fi Ireland Broadmeadows Wellington
Ann-Marie Whittome Broadmeadows Wellington
Shelly Cooper Ngaio Wellington
Kat Clemas Ngaio Wellington
Sarah Henty Ngaio Wellington
Philip Reeve Ngaio Wellington
Emma Marriott Ngaio Wellington
Vanessa Patel Broadmeadows Wellington
Richelle Kench Khandallah Wellington
Wendy Fairbrother Ngaio Wellington
Rebecca Jackson Ngaio Wellington
Tanya Carr-Smith Johnsonville Wellington
William Simmers Johnsonville Wellington
Lisa Woodley Johnsonville Wellington
Louise Carr-Smith Johnsonville Wellington
Rachel Langford Khandallah Wellington.