Māori Language Week

Māori Language Week has been celebrated in New Zealand since 1975, in an effort to raise awareness of the language, and get New Zealanders to embrace te reo Māori and use it more.

Image of kids at Māori Language Week parade in 2018

Te reo Māori has been an official language of New Zealand since 1987. 

Māori Language Week is organised by the Māori Language Commission, and is all about making it easy for people to enhance the way they whakawhiti kōrero
– or communicate – with friends, family and workmates.

Māori Language Week 2019 runs from 9–15 September. This year’s theme is Kia Kaha te Reo Māori – which translates to Let’s Make the Māori language strong. 

More information

For more information and events, visit the Māori Language Commission website.