Meridian Energy head office

Meridian Energy's head office has design features that reduce its environmental footprint and encourage sustainability.

Constructing Meridian's office

Location:  Kumutoto development, Wellington waterfront

Key features:

  • construction and demolition waste minimisation
  • REBRI (Resource Efficiency in the Building and Related Industries)
  • green office
  • rainwater collection

Meridian Energy's head office  was the first new office building to achieve the New Zealand Green Building Council's five-star rating.

Comprehensive design specifications covered aspects from distance to public transport and use of environmentally healthy materials, through to an energy-monitoring system designed to track use and show where energy savings could be made.

Minimising construction and demolition waste, which accounts for up to 40% of waste sent to New Zealand landfills, was a main aim of the development. A waste-specialist sponsored by Ministry for the Environment worked with the contractors to implement the REBRI guidelines. Waste minimisation included keeping a waste register, recycling, and staff training. More than 60% of construction waste was sent for recycling.

Interiors are designed to make the office a pleasant, productive place to work in with maximum natural light, views for most staff and automatic temperature controls that staff can override when required.

The building is designed to use 60% less energy and 70% less water than comparable office buildings. Energy-saving features include a double-skin façade for insulation, rainwater collection, water-efficient sanitary fittings, solar water heating and mixed mode ventilation.