Control and clean up after your dog

Dog owners are responsible for controlling and cleaning up after their pets.

You are legally responsible for keeping your dog under control at all times. Failure to do so is an offence with a fine of up to $3,000 or an infringement fee of $200.

Uncontrolled dogs are a problem

Dogs that are roaming or off-leash can:

  • intimidate and harm people and animals
  • create health and hygiene problems by fouling in public and scattering rubbish
  • cause traffic hazards.

Read these useful tips about how to control your dog:

Secure your property and prevent roaming

Ways to control your dog on private property include using fencing or kennels. Alternatively, you can chain up your dog or leave it indoors. Always put adequate water and food nearby.

Keep the access way from the street to your front door clear to make sure your dog doesn't threaten anyone.

In general, fences should be at least 1.2 metres high. Make sure there aren't any holes or weak points where your dog can escape.

Don't allow your dog to wander off your property. You may be fined for letting your dog roam.

Policies & Bylaws

Control your dog in public areas

You must be able to control your dog by command at all times in all public places. Keep your dog on a leash in all public places with the exception of designated dog exercise areas.

Exercise Areas

Learn more about training your dog:

Dog Training

Clean up after your dog

You must clean up after your dog on any property that's not your own.

Carry a spare plastic bag whenever you're in public with your dog. Put dog waste bags in a rubbish bin or wrap them up and put into your home rubbish.

Dog waste bags are available at some pet stores, supermarkets, vet clinics and our Arapaki Service Centre.