Inland dog exercise areas

Find where you can exercise your dogs in parks, reserves and walkways, and where dogs are not permitted.

Explore our online map to find out where you:

  • can exercise your dog off-leash
  • can walk your dog on-lead
  • can't take your dog.

Dog exercise map

Fully fenced off-leash dog exercise areas:

  • lower part of Treasure Island / Kainui Reserve, Hataitai (land opposite Cog Park)
  • Ian Galloway Park in Karori / Northland – this area is lit from dusk until 8pm
  • Taylor Park, Tawa (access through Redwood Station car park)
  • Mount Albert Park, Berhampore – three entrances and our largest fully fenced dog park.

Leashed dogs are welcome in many popular gardens, most of the Wellington Town Belt and on city streets.

Dog owners are welcome to walk through the central city with their dogs on-leash at all times of the day and throughout the year.

Dogs across the city are not allowed to be left unattended in any public place.

Your responsibilities

When exercising dog off-leash, you must maintain control over your dog at all times.

Be alert and make sure that your dog isn't behaving aggressively towards other dogs or people.

You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet.