Responses to information requests

We publish responses to requests made under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act 1987 (LGOIMA) that are of wider public interest. In most instances, the name of the individual requester has been redacted to protect their privacy.

Published responses to information requests

July 2022

Car transporter vehicles on Cambridge Terrace

Response to a request seeking copies of an agreement made with Transporter Operators (327KB PDF)

Business NZ

Request for documentation and correspondence pertaining to Business NZ (50KB PDF)

Parking figures and revenue

Response to a request for information relating to the number of available car parks and parking revenue (249KBPDF)

June 2022

Noise control and litter information

Response to request regarding the number of litter and noise complaints received since January 2022 (544KB)

Johnsonville electric chargers

Response to request regarding data showing usage for each electronic car charges located in Waitohi car park.
Usage information on Johnsonville electric chargers (258KB PDF)

Building consents and resource consents

Response to requests regarding building consent and resouce consent timeframes and inspections:

Michael Fowler Centre

Response to request regarding the decision not to light Michael Fowler Centre for Nakba Day (650KB PDF)

Wellington Library Staff

Response to a request regarding Wellington library staff numbers and salaries (170KB PDF)

May 2022

Health nuisance complaints

Response to request regarding health nuisance complaints in 2022 (637KB PDF) 

E-bikes, bicycles, and scooters

The cost and number of e-bikes, bicycles, and scooters purchased by the Council in the last 3 years (53KB PDF)

Ratepayers report

Response to request for ratepayer information to inform the Ratepayer Report from the Taxpayers Union (800KB PDF)

In-house services

Response to a request to bring more services in house (4.96MB PDF)

Cost of security for 2022

Response to information request about cost of security in 2022 (220KB PDF)

Cycleway net loss or gain

Response to request regarding various Wellington Cycleways (1.6MB PDF)

Wheel clamping

Response to information request about wheel clamping signage on Victoria Street (250KB PDF)

Climate biodiversity and significant natural areas

Response to information request about the Council's climate change strategy (187KB PDF)

Legal advice - Airport Expansion Notice of Motion

Wellington City Council has an inhouse legal team led by our General Counsel who provide legal advice to our elected members and the organisation overall. When necessary, we procure external legal services for specialist advice or to ensure quality assurance.

On 12 May 2022, Council’s Pūroro Āmua – the Planning and Environment Committee resolved not to proceed with Cr Pannett’s Notice of Motion. The supporting external advice was not released at the time due to a risk of judicial review. Furthermore, the report included fulsome officer advice on the legal implications of the Notice of Motion, and queries on legal risks were answered during the meeting. Given the Council decision on the Notice of Motion, it is the view of General Counsel that the risk of judicial review to Council is now low. Therefore the external supporting advice on the proposed Notice of Motion can now be publicly shared.

Legal Advice - Airport Expansion Notice of Motion (237KB PDF)

Councillor Rush use of Twitter

Response to request regarding Cr Rush use of Twitter (2.6MB PDF)

Calligratherapy - Conscious Chinese Calligraphy

Response to request regarding the cost to subsidise calligraphy course (1MB PDF)

Parliament protests

Information relating to the Parliamen protest activity

Three Waters maintenance and infrastructure

Response to request for information on budget information (3.4MB PDF)

Wellington Airbnb
Response to request regarding operating Airbnb's across Wellington (733KB PDF)

April 2022

Cleaning and security contracts

Response to request regarding contracted cleaning and security providers (840KB PDF)

COVID Vaccine Pass

Wellington City Council site risk assessments - March 2022 (831KB PDF)

Diversity training

Response to request regarding Toi Pōneke/Arts business units (306KB PDF)

Parliament Occupation Business Relief Fund

Response to query regarding Parliamentary Occupation Business Relief Fund (1.3MB PDF)

Rates differential

Response to request regarding the rates differential (642KB PDF)

Wellington Airport

Response to request about noise complaints made in relation to Wellington Airport (1.8MB PDF)

March 2022

Advice to Council - Shelly Bay

Response to request regarding Shelly Bay.

Advice to Council - Shelly Bay (613KB PDF)
Asbestos information - Shelly Bay (584KB PDF)

Imagining Decolonisation Wānanga

Response to request regarding budget for Imagining Decolonisation Wānanga (601KB PDF)

KMart plans

Response to request regarding KMart building plans. (221KB PDF)

February 2022

CCTV costs

Response to request regarding CCTV costs (544KB PDF)

Council debt

Response to request regarding Council debt (164KB PDF)

Parliament protests

Response to request about the use of sprinklers at Parliament (542KB PDF)
Response to request about noise complaints relating to Parliament speakers (541KB PDF)

January 2022

Experience Wellington restructure

Response to request regarding the Experience Wellington restructure (1.45MB PDF)

Parking revenue and expense

Response to request for revenue from parking for past three financial years (530KB PDF)

Hataitai intersection

Response to request regarding costs of the Hataitai intersection (110KB PDF)

Covid Vaccine Pass

Response to request about the use of Covid Vaccine Pass for Council facilities (575KB PDF)
Covid recommendations for Council services and facilities (1.11 MB PDF)

Health and safety incidents

Response to request regarding incidents relating to vaccine passes (585KB PDF)

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