Waitangi Park - venue for hire

You can book Waitangi Park for public, non-commercial events and concerts.

Waitangi Park is a six-hectare urban park in the centre of Wellington, covering 30 percent of the waterfront.


Map of Waitangi Park

Wellington waterfront. The park is bounded by Oriental Parade, Cable Street and Herd Street.


  • Park lighting
  • Power
    • Two permanent cabinet event power sites with 400amp capacity with powerlock connections plus further 100amp capacity with two x 63amp three phase, two x 32 amp three phase and two x 10amp one phase connections
    • Three temporary plug-in pit power sites with two x 63amp three phase, two x 32amp three phase and two x 10amp one phase connections
  • Playground
  • Skate park
  • Public toilets
  • Vehicle access can be arranged
  • Water and sewer connections


7,300 m2


Free for non-profit organisations, community events and charity events.


The park is flat.


  • Waitangi Park is situated in a residential area therefore noise restrictions may apply.
  • Commercial activity is not permitted except in the case of strategically-aligned or sponsored Council events.

Make a booking

When you request a booking to hold an event, tell us:

  • what you would like to do
  • what location you’re considering
  • your preferred date
  • set up and pack down times
  • total number of people expected
  • if food will be sold
  • if alcohol will be sold or supplied
  • what equipment will be used at the event.

Depending on the scale of your event, you may need to give us at least 2 months' notice. Larger or more complex events may need 6–9 months' notice.

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For more information, email events@wcc.govt.nz