Social and Recreation Fund

This fund aims to support projects and organisations that deliver outcomes that improve community resilience, harm reduction, community safety and social wellbeing.

Fund details 

Closes: Thursday 15 August
Contact: Funding Team
Past allocations: See past allocations (265KB PDF)

About this fund

The Social and Recreation Fund supports projects and organisations delivering services that contribute to our Long-term Plan. We prioritise projects that show evidence-based need and have positive social wellbeing impact across one or more of our priorities.   

We continue to prioritise community activities and initiatives from groups and organisations that do not currently receive multi-year contract funding. The funding round closing in August 2024 is expected to be the first of two funding rounds for the 2024-2025 financial year, the second round will close in early 2025 (dates TBC).

The Council Long Term Plan 2024-34 made provision for additional funding for safety initiatives and projects within the Central City, longer term priorities of which will be determined through the development of a Central City Safety Plan. Applications for support for safety initiatives in the central city can be made via the Social and Recreation Fund.  

Applicants must be a legal entity. Groups or organisations that are not a legal entity can apply using an umbrella agreement with another organisation. Applications are made through the online funding portal. See the funding calendar for closing and decision dates.

Only project expenses that start after the decision date are eligible for funding.


  • The application is from a legal entity. 
  • The project is Wellington-based and benefits the people of Wellington.
  • Projects show evidence of community support, collaboration, and building partnerships with other organisations.      


The Council has a number of strategies and policies in place to deliver on our 2040 vision and improve wellbeing for the people of Wellington. These include the Social Wellbeing Framework, Strategy for Children and Young People, Tūpiki Ora Māori StrategyHomelessness (from the Housing Action Plan) and Wellington’s Sustainable Food Initiative.

The priorities for the Social and Recreation Fund are set with the help of these guiding documents and are listed below. 

For Wellington to be an inclusive, liveable and resilient city where people and communities can learn and be connected, well housed, safe and healthy, priority will be given to projects that help ensure:

  • Different communities are acknowledged and celebrated. 
  • The social and cultural wellbeing of Māori whanau and communities is prioritised, supported and invested in. 
  • People can acquire knowledge, skills and experiences with emphasis on children and young people. 
  • There are opportunities to connect and engage. 
  • Housing and wrap-around support is available for people in need. 
  • Harm reduction initiatives support community health and safety. 
  • Physical and mental wellbeing is improved through sport, recreation and volunteering. 
  • Projects and initiatives are supported which address community safety in the central city.

Operational support for residents and progressive associations (maximum of $1000) 

Priorities will be given to organisations that: 

  • Demonstrate a positive and inclusive approach to working with all residents, building connections and neighbourliness. 
  • Communicate regularly with local residents in the area and have an up-to-date online profile. 
  • Have an active membership of 10 or more, excluding the committee, meeting regularly (outside their AGM), keep minutes of these meetings. 

When submitting an application residents and progressive associations should: 

  • Provide a summary of their current membership and how often they hold meetings.
  • Provide a copy of minutes from recent meetings.  

First-time applicants

Read the information on this page, then register and apply online through our funding portal: Funding Portal - Apply online

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You can apply for the fund through our Funding Portal. You can also check your application status if you've already applied for funding. If you receive an error message when trying to access the funding portal on a mobile device, please use these instructions or contact the Funding Team.

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