Aho Tini 2030: Arts, Culture and Creativity Strategy

This strategy combines the review of the 2011 Arts & Culture Strategy, together with the original Aho Tini principles (2018), to give new direction for cultural wellbeing for the city.

Nine Tūrama Light Beams raising to the dark night sky out of glass bottles, with the moon and Wellington's light-speckled hills in background.
Tūrama (which means illuminate in te reo Māori), light sculpture designed and created by MJF Lighting

This creative and collaborative approach will lead us through the next 10 years of innovation in Wellington.

We are thankful for the generous contribution of many in the Wellington creative sector, who have shaped and sharpened the ‘Aho Tini 2030, Arts, Culture and Creativity Strategy’. We are now looking forward to this connectivity continuing as we work in partnership alongside the sector, to align programmes, funding and policies with Aho Tini 2030. 

Aho Tini focus areas

Aho Tangata
Our people – connected, engaged, inclusive, accessible communities.

Aho Hononga
Partnership with mana whenua and Māori.

Aho Whenua
Our places, spaces and venues – our city is alive.

Aho Mahi
Pathways – successful arts and creative sector, and careers.

We invite you to read the full ‘Aho Tini 2030 Arts, Culture and Creativity Strategy’, which includes the Aho Tini principles and the roles the Council plays alongside the sector, and the ‘Aho Tini Action Plan Years 1-3’.

Aho Tini 2030 full strategy document (1.80MB PDF)

Aho Tini action plan (400KB PDF)