Keep our water clean

Find out how you can help protect Wellington's freshwater from pollution by taking a few simple steps.

Storm drains lead to our streams

Many Wellingtonians don't realise that our stormwater drains connect to our streams and sea. Pollution is a serious threat to the well-being of our waterways and the wildlife found in them. Chemicals, detergents, and paint strippers disposed of down these drains often end up in our streams.

To keep our water clean:

  • avoid dumping harmful chemicals into drains – dispose of them at the landfill
  • make sure your rubbish goes in the bin
  • wash your car on the grass
  • pick up your dog's poo
  • remove rubbish or leaves from nearby roadside drains.

Freshwater habitat re-planting

The banks of streams (riparian areas) are important to the well-being of streams and the natural life that occurs there. Understand what we have and what we need to protect.

Discover nature in Wellington – Freshwater

Community groups are working to restore these areas. Join their work to help protect our streams.

Volunteer outdoors – Environmental community groups

Report a pollution problem

To report a pollution incident or marine oil spill, contact:

Greater Wellington Regional Council 24 Hour Pollution Hotline
Phone: 0800 496 734

If you come across a stormwater pollution problem, contact the Council with details of where we'll find the leak:

Report a problem