Environmental community groups

Environmental community groups are local groups of hands-on volunteers making a difference by protecting and restoring our natural environment.

Working together to restore nature

The work of environmental volunteer groups in Wellington makes a huge contribution to protecting and restoring our natural environment. These are local groups made up of community members who care about Wellington's natural environment and want to get hands-on with making a difference.

There are more than 140 community groups in Wellington working to restore their local parks and reserves through plant and animal pest control and native planting.

Join an environmental community group

Connect with one of the following environmental volunteer groups in Wellington:

Wellington/Kapiti Conservation Groups – Department of Conservation

Backyard trapping and Reserve Community Groups – Predator Free Wellington 

Volunteer – Zealandia

New Zealand Trust for Conservation Volunteers

Conservation volunteer – Citizen's Advice Bureau

Start your own volunteer group or project

If you're looking to start a new environmental community group or project there are several practical steps to ensure the success of your work.

Before starting something new, it's always good to check what work existing groups are already doing and if you can join in. Check the links above to see what your local community volunteers are up to.

Community project guidelines – Department of Conservation

Council-approved conservation

Once you're up to speed on the above, the first step to starting something new is a discussion with your local park ranger. For everything from project approval to safety inductions email parkranger@wcc.govt.nz.

Steps will include:

  • project approval
  • setting up a formal agreement/memorandum of understanding for your work with the Council
  • site induction and health and safety protocol.

We're here to help

Whether you're part of an environmental community group, about to join one, or starting something new, find out what funding the Council can offer.

Support and funding