Public toilets in Wellington

A list of public toilets in Wellington, including addresses and opening hours.

Some public toilets still open – COVID-19 update

We have had to close many of our public toilets due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We need to keep some open to serve a number of people that have no other options. 

We have put together a map of public toilets that are still open and you can see a list of the toilets below. 

  • Herd Street: 7am-7pm in winter, 6am-9pm in summer – located in the south-east corner of the Chaffers Apartment building.
  • Pukeahu National War Memorial Park: 7am-9pm – located in Pukeahu National War Memorial Park, just north-west of the carillon tower.
  • Lambton Transport Interchange: 6am - midnight – located north side of Lambton Transport Interchange building.
  • Owhiro Bay Visitor Centre: 24 hours – located on the exterior of the Visitor Centre Building.
  • Evans Bay Marina Boatshed: 24 hours – located in Boatshed Block B at the Marina.
  • Next to Tawa Library: 24 hours – located next to the Tawa Library on Cambridge Street.
  • Next to Johnsonville Library: 24 hours – located next to the Johnsonville Library on Broderick Road.
  • Shorland Park, Island Bay: 24 hours – located at the Reef Street entrance to Shorland Park.
  • Bay Road, Kilbirnie: 24 hours – located beside the Kilbirnie/Lyall Bay Community Centre on Bay Road.
  • Te Aro Park, Dixon Street: 24 hours – located in Te Aro Park, middle of Dixon Street.
  • Courtenay Place, Cambridge Terrace end: 3 cubicles and urinal room, 24 hours, and 3 cubicles, 7am-9pm – located on the south side of Courtenay Place, directly opposite Blair Street.
  • Waitangi Park kiosk toilets: 24 hours – located at the kiosk next to the cafe in Waitangi Park.
Kumutoto toilets on Wellington waterfront.

'Lobster loos' - design-winning Kumutoto toilets on Wellington waterfront


Accessible toilets

See below for details of accessible toilets in Wellington.

Report a problem

To report damaged facilities or maintenance issues, contact the Council.

Public toilet locations

If the toilet is located inside of a facility, please visit the reception desk first.


Location Mobility access Open hours
Balaena Bay - Evans Bay Parade No 6am–9pm
Berhampore - 33 Luxford Street Yes 24 hours
Berhampore Golf Links - Adelaide Road No 7am–9pm
Brooklyn - Central Park, 65 Ohiro Road Yes 7am–9pm
Brooklyn - 44 Jefferson Street Yes 24 hours
Churton Park Community Centre Complex
Yes 7am–9pm
City - Arapaki Library and Service Centre, 12 Manners Street
Yes 8am-5pm
City - Aro Street Park, 60 Aro Street Yes 7am–9pm
City - Civic Square (eastern end of the City Gallery) Yes 6am–9pm
City - Clyde Quay (northern end of the Clyde Quay Wharf Apartments) Yes 24 hours
City - Courtenay Place Yes

Three cubicles open 24 hours
Three cubicles open 7am - 9pm
Urinal room open 24 hours

City - Grey Street (ANZ Centre) Yes

Mon–Thurs: 7.30am–6pm
Fri: 7.30am–7pm
Sat: 8am–4pm
Sun: 10am–4pm
Public Holidays: 10am–4pm
One 24-hour cubicle

City - Lambton Transport Interchange Yes 6am–12 midnight
City - Linkspan Toilet - Opposite Odlins Plaza, next to the SS Hikitia Yes 24 hours
City - Pukeahu National War Memorial Park (next to the National War Memorial steps) Yes 7am–9pm
City - Te Aro Park, Dixon / Manners Streets Yes

Mon–Thurs: 7.30am–6pm
Fri: 7.30am–7pm
Sat: 8am–4pm
Sun: 10am–4pm
Public Holidays: 10am–4pm
Two 24 hour cubicles (Sun–Tues)
Four 24 hour cubicles (Wed–Sat)

City - Waitangi Park, Kiosk / play area Yes

24 hours

City - Waitangi Park, Herd Street Building Yes

7am–7pm (winter)
6am–9pm (summer)

Evans Bay Boat Marina Yes 24 hours
Frank Kitts Park lagoon Yes 24 hours
Hataitai Beach - Evans Bay Parade No 6am–9pm
Hataitai - Taurima Street Yes 7am–9pm
Island Bay - Medway Street / The Parade Yes 6am–10pm
Island Bay - Surf Club No 7am–9pm (summer)
Closed (winter)
Island Bay - Shorland Park, Park Road Yes One cubicle open 24 hours
One cubicle open 7am–9pm
Johnsonville - Broderick Road Yes 24 hours
Karori - Cemetery, Rosehaugh Road Yes 7am–9pm
Karori - Karori Road, next to Karori Library Yes 7am–9pm
Karori - Karori Park Pavilion external toilet Yes 24 hour
Kelburn - Anderson Park
Yes 6am–9pm
Kelburn - Botanic Garden, Begonia House No 10am–4pm (winter)
10am–5pm (summer)
Kelburn - Botanic Garden play area No 7am–9pm
Kelburn - Botanic Garden, Main Garden Yes 7am–9pm
Kelburn, Botanic Garden, Rose Garden Yes 7am–9pm
Kelburn - Upland Road, top of Cable Car Yes 6am–10pm
Khandallah - Woodmancote Road Yes 7am–9pm
Khandallah - Ganges Road Yes 24 hours
Kilbirnie - 56 Bay Road Yes 24 hours
Kingston - 42 Quebec Street No 24 hours
Lyall Bay - Surf Club Yes 24 hours
Makara Beach Yes

7am–6pm (winter)
7am–9pm (summer)

Makara - Cemetery Yes 24 hours
Makara Peak Mountain Bike Park - South Karori Road Yes 24 hours
Miramar - Worser Bay, Awa Road Yes 24 hours
Miramar - cnr Miramar Avenue / Park Road Yes 7am–9pm
Mt Victoria - Alexandra Road Yes 7am–9pm
Newlands - Newlands Mall, McMillan Court Yes 7am–9pm
Newtown - 9 Constable Street Yes 24 hours
Newtown - Newtown Park Pavilion external toilets Yes 6am–7pm (winter)
6am–9pm (summer)
Ngaio - Collingwood Street Yes 24 hours
Northland - Randwick Road Yes 24 hours
Oriental Bay - Oriental Parade, by wishing well Yes 7am–9pm (winter)
6am–10pm (summer)
Oriental Bay Beach Yes

7am–7pm (winter)
7am–9pm (summer)

Owhiro Bay - Interpretation Centre Yes


Owhiro Bay - toilets
  24 hours
Princess Bay - 501 Queens Drive No

7am–7pm (winter)
7am–9pm (summer)

Queens Drive Yes 7am–9pm
Queens Wharf (men's in Shed 6 beside Fergs Kayaks) No 24 hours 
Scorching Bay - pavilion Yes 7am–9pm
Changing rooms closed 1 June–31 August every year
Seatoun - Churchill Park, 2 Marine Parade Yes

Mon–Wed: 24 hours
Thu–Sun: 7am–9pm

Seatoun - 23 Dundas Street Yes 24 hours
Seatoun - Seatoun Park, Ludlam Street Yes 7am–9pm
Strathmore, Broadway Yes 24 hours
Tawa - next to Tawa Library Yes 24 hours
Tawa - Grasslees Reserve, Davies Street Yes 7am–9pm
Tawa - Willowbank Reserve play area, Taylor Road Yes 7am–9pm
Wadestown - Wadestown / Cecil Roads Yes 24 hours
Waterfront - Kumutoto ('lobster loos') Yes 24 hours
Wilton - Otari-Wilton's Bush Info Centre, 160 Wilton Road Yes 7am–9pm
Wilton - Otari-Wilton's Bush picnic area, 160 Wilton Road Yes 7am–9pm
Worser Bay - Awa Road Yes 24 hours
Worser Bay  Yes 24 hours
Changing rooms closed 1 June–31 August every year