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Wellington is New Zealand's centre of government and the world's southernmost capital city.

    Wellington waterfront

    Wandering along the wonderful Wellington waterfront is one of the top 10 Wellington must-dos.

      Public toilets in Wellington

      A list of public toilets in Wellington, including addresses and opening hours.

        Public transport

        Wellington's extensive public transport network includes bus services, five passenger rail lines, a ...

          Wellington Resilience Strategy

          The Wellington Resilience Strategy is a comprehensive and strategic roadmap to promote resilience in...

          What to do in Wellington

          From culture to coffee, music to movie-making, the compact city of Wellington has very welcome surpr...

            International relations

            As the country's capital, Wellington is home to many international organisations such as embassies, ...

            The Wellington Way

            Here in Wellington, we've got a certain way of doing things. Take a look at these short videos and g...