Executive leadership team

Executive leadership team of Wellington City Council.

Kevin Lavery

Kevin Lavery

Chief Executive Officer: Kevin Lavery
Email: kevin.lavery@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Linda Vekula
Phone: 04 801 3462
David Chick

David Chick

Chief City Planner: David Chick
Phone: 04 801 3593
Email: david.chick@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Betsie Lotter
Phone: 04 801 3593

Transport and Waste Operations, City Planning, Urban Design, Building Compliance and Consents, City Resilience, Three Waters

Portrait of Chief Operating Officer, Barbara McKerrow.

Barbara McKerrow

Chief Operating Officer: Barbara McKerrow
Phone: 027 803 0141
Email: barbara.mckerrow@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Angela Nicholas
Phone: 021 227 8563

City Housing, Parks, Sports and Recreation, Community Networks, Digital, City Arts and Events, Innovation

Kane Patena.

Kane Patena

Director, Governance & Assurance: Kane Patena
Phone: 04 801 3017
Email: kane.patena@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Kym Taupau
Phone: 021 531 516

Strategy and Research, Policy and Reporting, Communications, CEO’s Office, Mayor’s Office, Democracy Services, International Relations, Issues Resolution, Audit, Risk, Legal, Business Continuity and Emergency Management

Andy Matthews.

Andy Matthews

Chief Financial Officer: Andy Matthews
Phone: 04 803 8032
Email: andy.matthews@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Judy Harte
Phone: 04 803 8032

Financial Strategy and Planning. Financial Accounting and Transactional Services, Business Reporting Analysis and Performance, Property, Business Information and Technology (BIT), Shared Services

Nicola Brown.

Nicola Brown

Director, Human Resources: Nicola Brown
Phone: 04 803 8248
Email: nicola.brown@wcc.govt.nz
Executive assistant: Sade VanWyk
Phone: 021 521 867

HR Services, Organisational Development, Safety, Security and Well-being, Business Transformation